Adorable Turquoise Chandelier

Turquoise chandelier applies the new color in the development of interior design. Do you know about turquoise? It is a variant of blue color but looks greenish. It gives the new feel to the interior of the house because it reflects the colors of the sea and oceans. Sometimes people call this color as Tosca. Therefore, turquoise could be categorized as the blue color at once green. Is not it interesting to apply the color that can provide a variety of meanings? Besides coloring modern design, it is also a mainstay color for the concept of retro. By applying the turquoise, this will make you like being in the cool and fresh outdoors. The use of turquoise for chandeliers begins in 2012.

Turquoise Chandelier for Living Room

Actually, it is inspired by the color of turquoise stone. Many people like it because of its uniqueness. Ancient Persian people even mention turquoise has the power to protect someone from the malicious intent. Meanwhile, in ancient Mexico era, it is regarded as the embodiment of God. Since its uniqueness and value of philosophy, in the modern era, turquoise color is used as the basis for home decor including chandeliers. It gives very natural peace and balance. If you use this color for the bedroom, this will give the sweet and feminine effects. Meanwhile, dark turquoise has a deeper meaning. It is suitable for the hall and living room.

The Designs of Chandelier

Chandeliers not only have a function as the light, but also have aesthetic value. Chandelier models must be adapted to the size of the room. For certain circles, completing living room with a crystal chandelier is a must because it can increase the prestige for homeowners. When buying the crystal chandelier, you should check the type and quality of the crystal. High-quality crystals can reflect the variety of light beam. To clean the crystal chandeliers, you have suggested using isopropyl alcohol that mixed with clean water.