DIY Modern Bookcase for Your Study Room

Modern bookcase can be one nice thing to have if you love to read a lot in your study room. Unfortunately, the price to get this kind of bookcase is not as cheap as you think. Some of the bookcases can be tagged for more than 700 US dollars. If you think that number is way too expensive, then you can make one for your study room.


Steps for DIY Modern Bookcase

If you want to make it yourself, then the first thing that you need to do is to prepare some boards for making the bookcase. 10 inches is enough for the width of the board. If you have done that, you can make the rectangular shape from the boards. The size should be varied so that the box will be able to create the nice looking pattern later on. You can make at least six to ten of the boxes. After that, you just need to paint the box in white to make it looks modern. After finishing all of those steps, you just need to stack them up in a random position and then your new modern looking bookcase is finished.


Benefits of the DIY Bookcase

There are some benefits from that kind of bookcase that you make above. The first one is the cheap price. You might not need more than 200 US dollars for that kind of bookcase. As an addition to that, if you calculate the size of the rectangular box perfectly, you can stack them all in one big box. Therefore, you can move the bookcase anywhere you want. This will be nice if you want to rearrange your study room. The last one is that you can have the new model every time you want. You just need to rearrange the stack into another random position and you will have the new bookcase in your study room.