How To Keep Your Velvet Couch

Velvet couch could be one of many kinds of couch that will be your beautiful exist in your home. Somehow it sometimes could be difficult if you have to take care of it. Couch is one of the important furniture seen in a dwelling because of their large size and usually always available in the living room and family room. Couch covers are made from a variety of materials, ranging from leather, cotton, velvet, and others. Each of them has a different price. Therefore we recommend you take care of your sofa to be durable and always look new. You’ve got tips and tricks on how to care for your home sofa to always look clean and durable.


How to keep velvet couch?

If the cover is made of textured fabric sofa that easily ‘catch’ the dust, then put more attention on the corners of the sofa which usually becomes a nest of dust and vermin. If necessary, before aspirated, clean the parts using a plastic brush. After that you dry the seat cushion in the sun once a week, for about 1 hour. Do not forget, at-o’clock and back and forth so that dust attached bearing missing. By doing so, the content will be spread evenly pads and remain inflated. Do not be too long to dry in the sun because it will fade the color and pattern pads.

How to make your couch always look new?

Firstly you have to avoid the sofa from direct sunlight so that the color is maintained and not easily fade. Secondly, when at home you keep pets, and again there were small children running around the couch, you are advised to always clean the couch every day using a vacuum cleaner. To keep the couch in order to get a new look like from the start you can change the position of the pillow couch constantly and avoid to sit on it in the same place in a long time.