Making Small Storage Cabinet

Small storage cabinet is usual thing which people commonly put in their kitchen, bathroom, or even bedroom. You could put a lot of small and important things in it, such as key, and notebook. A cabinet has a lot of benefits. You can put any stuff in your own cabinet. It also has various prices and qualities. You could buy cabinets in any furniture stores. There are also a lot of designs of cabinet. Cabinet is also an important part of your house decoration. Also, you you could make your own cabinet. Making your own cabinet has many advantages. For example, you could make your own cabinet design, and you will get a cheaper cabinet by making it.


Things You Need in Making Small Storage Cabinet


Nowadays, minimalist style is very outstanding.  Yes, people love decorating their houses with minimalist style. Here, you are going to what do you need in making a small cabinet. The first thing you should do is buying the plywood. How wide and long it is depends on your taste. If you want to make a bigger storage cabinet, you should buy the longer plywood. But, if you want to make a small one, you just need 1 x 7 meters plywood. Then, you will need small nails, a pair of tiny door handle, saw, hummer, and hinges for the door. After that, you need to cut the plywood. For the basics, you need 2 plywood in 130 x 70 centimeters as the both sides, 1 plywood in 110 x 100 centimeters as the back side, 1 plywood in 110 x 70 centimeters as the top side, 4 plywood in 100 x 70 centimeters as the base and the inside racks and 2 plywood in 50 x 100 centimeters as the doors. Then, you could nail it by yourself. After that, you could paint it with any color you like. For more specific shape and design, you could see the pictures in the internet.


Things To Consider Before Buying Cabinet


Before buying a cabinet, you need to consider many things. The first thing you have to consider is the price of the cabinet. Make sure that the cabinet is compatible with the price. Then, you have to choose the quality of the cabinet. Make sure that the cabinet you are going to buy is strong and not defect. After that, you have to consider its price and design which is suitable with your house.