Natural Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Living room paint color ideas can be obtained from many sources. The first source that can provide a lot of inspiration is the internet. You will find a lot of websites that includes the online gallery for interior decorating ideas. Before you choose one of them, make sure that you already have the mature concept of the paint color that you want. The second source is the interior magazine. Just like the Internet, it also offers some new ideas to paint your house. Interior magazine even give a price range of each types of paint. And the third source is an interior designer. Discussing with interior designer will open your eyes and mind that the selection of paint is not just limited to the primary colors.

Green Living Room Paint Color Ideas

For those who love the natural beauty certainly would not hesitate to apply natural colors for home. One of the natural colors that are often adopted by the homeowner is green. This will make the room feel airy and comfortable every day. Do not choose the dark green if it will apply for the minimalist home. Dark colors will only make the home look dull and narrow. It would be better if you tend to choose lime green. It is not only suitable to be applied in the living room, but also a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Customize the Furniture with Paint Colors

When you have defined the basic color for the room, choose furniture with matching colors. For example, if you choose the green color to the wall, you also need to choose table, sofa or rug with the green shades. It is a strategy to make the room look harmonious and balanced. However, this does not rule out the possibility to present the other accents such as yellow or pink. Express your style and character through a combination of colors of paint on interior design.