Sexy Red Lamp Shade

Red lamp shade is special, as red colour is indeed special too. That is why we know that so-called red alert, red signs and the others. Red colour is indeed dominating, and as a lamp shade it truly shows it. There is no other lamp shades that give the effect as dramatic as red shade. Give it a try and witness the sexiest tone of lights in your room where you place lamps with red shade. As wall painting, yellow and green and even blue may play the dramatic effects, but they work normal as lamp shades. Give them bright lamps and they will still be bright, yet give those soft lamps and they will still be soft, nothing will change. With red shades on your lamp, get the soft, warm, inviting and of course sexy tone creep to your whole room in a way you will love.


Sexy Red Lamp Shade

Red is indeed sexy, and so is when it serving as a lamp shade. Even you do not turn on the lamps yet, only the shade already give you that look. This shade will be the star at your room; all the eyes will capture it right away. So, you get both the decorations and the lighting functions. The other good about these red shades is, you even do not need a silky shade material to bring that glamour touch on your room. Colour red to all your lamp shades and they will work with their charm no other colours can beat.


Red Shade as Your House Signature

Practically, you are able to paint all your lamps shades with red, now. Why just go to the living room lamps while the touch of sexy will make other room goes in art too? The other spot that will look good with red shade is the terrace, balcony and surely the master bedroom.