Storage Headboard To Keep Your Small Yet Important Items Nearby

Storage headboard could be one smart solution for you especially if you are one often complaining about where was everything seem missing and griping about more storage please. When it comes to bedroom, there indeed come more than just mattress, dressers and vanity. This is the room where anyone seems of bringing any stuff into it together with them. Just bought a new book? You will bring it to your bedroom. Just bought a new cute picture frame? You will bring it to your bedroom. And those new clothes? Surely you will bring it also to your bedroom especially if your walk-in closet is in there. If your dressers, vanity and even walk-in closet can no longer hold those all new stuff, it is time to use your headboard as storage.


How to Make a Storage Headboard

Ask a pro about whether or not your recent headboard can have some reinvention to make it functioned as storage. Or, if you feel confident enough about your craftsmanship ability, look ahead whether you can make it your weekend DIY project. Simple and functional storage on your headboard should be enough to place some small stuff.


What to Place in Your Headboard

Even it is really helpful and is the nearest storage to you when you are in bed; your headboard is not a place to put those big stuffs. Water dispenser, heavy metal clock and a stone sculpture? Wait until you clutter your headboard more. Put just some friendly and light things you expect to be nearby when you are about to go to sleep. Books you still read, emergency lamp when there should be a sudden blackout, your eyeglasses pocket, instant facial cleanser for you who are too lazy to take a bath, and as a little bonus some small set of aromatherapy.