Suitable Color To Be Blended With Purple Chandelier

Purple chandelier is one of the most favorite chandeliers which people want to buy. Silver or crystal chandelier is the most common chandelier, people is bored with that color. Thus, lately, people start changing their taste of chandelier. Brown, purple, red, and black is their other common choices. For the purple color, it is pretty difficult to be blended with other color. There are many people who forced blending the color of chandelier and the wall, and the result is only ugly impression. Avoiding that case, you have to learn blending color. You have to be very careful to decorate a lovely house. If you get the same case which just mentioned, you can’t just change chandelier and buy the another one, because chandelier is not cheap.


Wall Color Which Is Suitable With Purple Chandelier


The best way to avoid the unsuitable blending is painting the wall. Then, what color of wall is suitable with purple? Well, the easiest way is blending with neutral colors, such as white, black, and grey. Grey is the best color to be blended with any color. The other color is yellow. This combination between yellow and purple will show happiness and cheerfulness. Yellow color will balance the strong impression of purple. The next wall color is the combination between orange and green. Both of them can blend very well with the chandelier. Combination between orange and yellow is also fine.


Perfect Chandelier For Your Living Room


In choosing a chandelier, you should be very careful. The first thing you have to consider is the size of the chandelier. The right size will make a great view. Otherwise, if your chosen chandelier is too small or too large, it will make a bad impression. Then, you should choose the design which is matched with your house. After that, you have to decide where the best location to hang the chandelier in your living room.