The Advantages of Walnut Dining Table

Walnut dining table is one option for those who like the kind of dark wood. Everyone must know that not all wood can be used as raw material of table. It is only the strong woods that have soft fiber that can be processed into home furnishings. Do you know that walnut contains creepy myth? It is considered as a kind of wood that holds the magical power like black magic, divination and curse. However, ignore these rumors because the point that will be discussed is about walnut as furniture. Walnut wood is often used in Europe and America region. It has the dark base color tends to black. It is processed to the needs of plywood, furniture and home decor around the world.

The Design of Walnut Dining Table

The design of walnut for dining table is not much different from the table in general. One characteristic of this table is that it is often designed with the simple model. You will not find a complex model in this table. Walnut often appears most frequently in the manufacture of furniture beside teak and mahogany. It has been often used for interior home since the 18th century. Although the quality of walnut is far below the teak and mahogany, it is dense and durable.

The Other Functions of Walnut

Besides being used as the base material for the dining table, walnut is sometimes also used as an additive for the furniture that is made of brass or other metals. It is usually used as part of a table carved and joined with the other materials. To get the best quality of walnut, you must often seek the basic information about walnut texture. Furthermore, you can search for furniture stores that only sell the high quality wood all over the world.