The Sputnik Light

Sputnik light will be the unique idea for your lighting in your beloved house. Did you know what the light with the sputnik is? The light with sputnik is the icon of lighting in the mid century. You will have gone back while you have applied this lighting in your room. You will not get difficult to find out the light with the sputnik design because many interior stores in the world that provide the modern light with sputnik design. So, you will get the vintage atmosphere but also you will get the modern sense at the same time.


Sputnik Light in Your Chandeliers


Sputnik chandeliers are available in many fixtures, such as raw brass, chrome, rubbed bronze and brushed/satin brass. In each of fixtures have many designs that will become your options. For example, in the chrome fixtures, you will find the light classic chrome with 24” diameters or with36” diameters, light mid round chrome with 24” diameters, light chrome with the 18” high and 57” wide or with the 22” high and 36” wide or 22” high and the 32” wide, light chrome sphere with 23” wide, light chrome wall sconce with the 20” high and the 9” wide or 5” projection and the 23” wide or with the 11” high and the 36” wide. You have to choose the right one for your room.


Make the Sputnik Chandeliers with Your Own


There are so many ways for you to have the sputnik chandeliers light for be lighting in your house. If you have the small budget, maybe you will like the idea of make the sputnik chandeliers by yourself with your unused thing in your house. You have to look and learn how to make it by yourself on the internet before you start to make it. On the internet, you will find many tutorial of it that will be your guard.