The Styles of Window Grids

Window grids are a term that refers to the horizontal and vertical flat blades in the design of window. It is made of wood, aluminum or iron mounted symmetrically. In addition, it has a distance and gap between each other. Grids can be seen from the front and rear. In the development of interior design, grids are not only used as an overlay gap, but also to disguise conditions in the room when viewed from the outside. Actually, this includes traditional design that is often used in Japan and in the colonial era. It is a decorative element to make the room look more expressive.

The Function of Window Grids

Although it is known as the classic model of the window, this is still the favorite choice of modern people. The window is a vital part of home health, especially for homes in the tropical and humid area. It has a very significant function as a medium of air circulation in the room. For information, the grid on the window has a fundamental function for strength and aesthetics of the window. In addition, some modifications of grid design also allow it to make the room feel calmer. You can order the size of the grid according to the needs. Adjust the ideal distance to make the window look balanced. Grid design on the window can be applied to all the rooms including the kitchen and bathroom.

How to Treat the Grids

You need to know the proper way to clean up the grids. Techniques and methods of cleaning depend on the material of grids. If you find fungi in the wooden grid, clean its surface by detergent water. Brush it gently until the spots of fungi disappear. Leave for ten minutes, and then wash the entire grid with clean water. Meanwhile, if you have aluminum grids, use aluminum cleaners to remove any stains, dust and rust around the windows.